UAV Aerial Inspection

We carry out aerial inspections and land surveys using the latest, most innovative technology.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are able to fly and inspect most structures whether it's a flare stack, wind farm or Church steeple - all these can be inspected without the need to set foot on a ladder or scaffold.

Drone Inspection Examples

Typically commissioned by surveyors, building companies and facilities managers to take high definition photographs and video.


We can fly over a roof and position the craft using GPS technology to clearly photograph potential problem areas.


You can then take your time to study and enlarge a photo or freeze frame the video on the desired evidence.

This can be quicker, safer and less expensive than traditional methods.

The location or structural integrity may prevent human access.

Cherry pickers and lift baskets may have access issues and height limitations.

Scaffolding is a large undertaking which can be unsightly and undesirable for the client.

Our (UAV) Drone Cam can obtain the information required with little or no impact and within minutes of arriving on site.

With GPS systems within the craft we are able to take photographs at a specific height, looking in a specific direction and a latitude and longitude accuracy of +/- 2 metres.


As size and pilot safety are no longer restricting factors – we fly anywhere from the ground up to 400ft.

Some examples of the type of work we can offer;

  • Civil Engineering Works

  • Council planning and other council related services

  • Building surveys

  • Roof/structural surveys

  • Perimeter/fencing surveys

  • Pipeline/grid inspection

  • TV & Film

  • Promotional work

  • Rural watch

  • Security patrol

  • Wedding or event filming

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Disaster evaluation

  • Sport promotions

  • Mapping or measurement

  • Cattle/animal location

  • Environmental monitoring

Whether you require imagery for your portfolio of high rise buildings or land holdings, or the imagery is for commercials, construction monitoring, archaeological record purposes, building defects, or anything that includes video and photography, Clwydian films can provide the solution for you.

Clwydian Films

Richard Longstaff lighting cameraman/DOP Drone operator specialising in video / photography based in North Wales covering North west and throughout the UK


Camera crew hire / aerial drone hire / North Wales/ North West / Wales / South Wales / Aerial drone survey / Drone survey / Drone inspection / Aerial drone inspection work / site photography / Aerial Photography / Aerial marketing / Monthly progress meetings/


We are accredited to supply aerial drone work for the BBC - our aerial drone company is Clwydian Films Ltd


We have permission to fly from the CAA, are BNUC-S qualified and are fully insured for all our operations.



Our drone filming company is based in North Wales but we are happy to travel the country.

From our north wales base we can be in:


Chester - 40 min

Manchester - 1 hour

Liverpool - 1 hour

Birmingham - 2 hours

Cardiff - 3 hours

London - 4 hours



Contact Info

Richard Longstaff

07931 272989


Warning - Not all Drone operators are insured and licensed from the CAA.

We adhere to strict safety procedures and carry out a site survey and risk assessment prior to every deployment.

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